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The New Zero World Campaign

Our collective Journey to a resilient new zero world.

The New Zero World Campaign is a global campaign designed to communicate our collective journey to creating a resilient, new zero world. It’s an action-oriented initiative born in response to the urgent need to shift the narrative on climate change and re-imagine our vision of the future as well as to elevate future-focused solutions to serve as a model for how we can collectively adapt.

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Campaign Units

  • 01


    Online engagement platform to promote actions, community and storytelling to activate audiences towards a resilient new zero world.

  • 02

    films & other content

    FILM SERIES: A Documentary-Film series documenting the journey of "climate heroes" starting at COP26 in Glasgow 2021.

    BOOK: Behind-the-Scenes publication exploring character journeys through photo-journalistic lens.

  • 03

    action tracks

    Through our partners, supporters and network, we’ll create points of engagement to promote collective action across industries and sectors.

  • 04

    ad campaign

    Advertising focus on brands on purpose to promote the behavior and culturial revolution.

  • 05

    Storytelling Incubation LAB

    Dedicated space to support the shift of the climate change narrative towards reimagining the visions of the future.

    Participating Industries: Journalism, Media, Advertising & Marketing, Entertainment + Technology.

the film

The first component of the Campaign is a Documentary Film-Series that will set the stage for a new narrative by spotlighting those individuals that are leading the conversation from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. The journey for each character will begin at COP26 and other cities throughout the journey to COP27 in Africa.

who we are

the global brain foundation

The Global Brain Foundation is a Creative Incubator. Serves as a catalyst for the emergence of social and environmental change using creative minds to mobilize action and create serious, scalable impact.

We Create our own initiatives and collaborate with other like minded Organizations in support of the UN New Sustainable Development Goals with strong focus on Climate Change. Our focus is developing creative original content, engagement, strategy and partnerships with the mission to support a narrative that will attract the connection to mainstream and culture on global issues.

The Global Brain Foundation is a 501 C3 Public Charity supported by Principium Investments. Principium Investments is a wealth management and financial planning firm, serving clients for 33 years. It is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado with National and International clients.


  • natalia vega-berry

    natalia vega-berry

    Co-Founder The New Zero World Campaign

  • michael tracy

    michael tracy

    Co-Founder The New Zero World Campaign

  • ann rosenberg

    ann rosenberg

    Co-Founder The New Zero World Campaign


The New Zero World Campaign will be announced by Founders Natalia Vega Berry and Michael Tracy at the Resilience HUB on Nov 11, Joining them will be Young activist leader Jerome Foster II among other friends of the campaign. Press Release will be distributed on the day of announcement.

An initiative of the Global Brain Foundation

Global Brain

In Collaboration with

  • MediaMonks
  • Race to Resilience
  • Race to Zero